Legend has it that it was created by the dark ones

"Necronomicondom Sex-mortis"

Roughly translated "Rubber of the Dead"

The condom served as a passageway for the evil Dongs beyond.

It was created Schlong ago, when the seas ran red with blood

It was this blood that was used to make the condom

In the year 1300 AD, the Condom disappeared ....

Forever Midnight found the "Necronomicondom" in a basement and now the Evil is available for the first time to you.

Limited to 300

Available right now in our online shop.

Art by Jef Overn
Design by Josh Staples

New Episode W/Barbara Crampton

That's right. Barbara Crampton was gracious enough to stop by the Scary Movie Research Center and sit down with us for a chat about her new movie 'Beyond the Gates', plus many other things. Listen to our new episode right now with the amazing & wonderful, Barbara Crampton. And go rent Beyond the Gates  (available on VOD). 

Ep-53: Barbara Crampton.

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Barbara with our Re-Animator pin! Available in our online shop.

Barbara with our Re-Animator pin! Available in our online shop.

Happy New Year!!

We at Forever Midnight had a pretty amazing 2016, We released our first Vinyl Soundtrack with Mark Borchardt and Patrick Nettesheim for the Cult horror film "COVEN" and Put out some really fun pins, patches and other goodies. Plus we got to talk Horror with all kinds of amazing new friends at the handful of Conventions we attend each year. Overall it was awesome and we have even more cool stuff planned for 2017! 

We thought as a little year end wrap up we would share some articles from the web by some awesome folks who were kind enough to include us in their Year End Posts. We are humbled and so happy to know that people enjoy what we do. 


First off Rob Galuzzo over at included our release of Coven as one of his top 10 Vinyl Releases of 2016! Such an honor and we are in incredible company as far as the other releases he added to that list! Thank you Rob! 

Click this link or the image to check out the article!

The fine folks over at added our Coven release as well to their year end wrap up on Instagram! Thanks guys!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us this past year we truly appreciate it and look forward to bringing you some real cool stuff this upcoming 2017!  All of our products are available in our shop. Thanks again!






Merry Christmas!

Its time again for our annual Christmas episode, and Santa has come a day early. Hope all you naughty boys and girls enjoy Ep-52: Twas The Midnight Before Christmas.

-In this episode of Forever Midnight - your fearless hosts dive headfirst into a couple of newer holiday horror films and find themselves neck deep in reindeer shit. We discuss 2015's "All Through The House" and 2015's "A Christmas Horror Story" - So join us as we dig ourselves out of this mess and try to enjoy the holidays the right way, with some friends and a scary movie!  Happy Holidays everyone!!

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Ep-51: Tourist Trap.

In this brand new episode of the Forever Midnight Podcast, your three brave hosts find themselves checking out a long forgotten road side attraction “ Slausen’s Lost Oasis”! While there we discover that wild shit happens out in the middle of nowhere and if you see a mannequin anywhere you are going to die. We also talk at length about synthetic meats and why we want some.  So grab your camera and some road snacks, the FM3 are taking you on a trip to the 70’swith our review of “Tourist Trap”.

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Horrible Melting man pin.

Our newest enamel pin tribute to the old Topstone Mask advertisements from Famous Monsters of Filmland mags is the "Horrible Melting Man" !! Pick one up right now in our online shop or visit us at the Scary Movie Research Center in Santa Rosa, CA. Order now and get it right in time for Christmas. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer for all your spooky loved ones.