Two new pins just dropped.

First up - "Show Me" Polished Silver enamel pin. inspired by one of our favorite movies and books. 

And second - We are super excited to team up with our friend Drew Marvick and his Floating Eye Films to release this awesome pin from his just released Horror film "Pool Party Massacre"!

Artwork by Marc Schoenbach

Go check out to order a copy of the film or all kinds of other rad merch!!

Both pins are available right now! Get them before they are gone!

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Amazing art by our dear friend, the powerful Michael W. Conrad. follow him on the social things. Instagram@michaelwconrad , Twitter @MWCTweets . Also check out more of his work at


Legend has it that it was created by the dark ones

"Necronomicondom Sex-mortis"

Roughly translated "Rubber of the Dead"

The condom served as a passageway for the evil Dongs beyond.

It was created Schlong ago, when the seas ran red with blood

It was this blood that was used to make the condom

In the year 1300 AD, the Condom disappeared ....

Forever Midnight found the "Necronomicondom" in a basement and now the Evil is available for the first time to you.

Limited to 300

Available right now in our online shop.

Art by Jef Overn
Design by Josh Staples