Exclusive Interview with "HORROR BOOBS" creator Matthew Desiderio


FM - How long have you been making Horror Boobs?

I started making official Horror Boobs tapes about three years ago. Horror Boobs was more of a crew than a business before that. My good friend Chi, my girlfriend, Katrina and I would hang out and watch movies with a rotating group of unsuspecting viewers. It's fun to get a rise out of people by showing them things they don't normally see. Take a movie like Mausoleum for example. Watch a woman's breast turn into flesh eating monster faces and you either say, "Well this isn't for me," or you'll scream "Horror Boobs". I think you can guess where I fit in. 


FM - Your all time favorite Horror Boob moment?

It really changes all the time, but right now I'm pretty fond of the ending of Cutting Moments, where a man cuts off his wife's breasts with gardening sheers during sex... He also cuts his own penis off.


FM - How did you first hear about and get involved with Driller?

A few years ago, my friend Rob from Wild Eye Releasing asked me to help promote a theatrical screening of Driller here in NYC, where producer and star, Mr. Creepo himself attended. You might remember Mr. Creepo as the ass-fingering hunchback that looks suspiciously like the Toxic Avenger. It was a surreal experience watching the flick with a crowd, let alone one of its creators. Both Rob and I were releasing videos and decided to team up for some limited edition Horror Boobs-produced Wild Eye VHS tapes. For example, we’ve done Driller packaged with the soundtrack on cassette tape and a Driller Condom, Disco Exorcist in a Japanese-style clamshell, and the recent Race War: The Remake Du-luxe VHS package with bonus Du-Rag.


FM - How do you go about selecting which nude scenes to add into Horror Boobs Vol 1-2?

It's not science. I get in the right state of mind, watch movies, and when I'm in the mood to make a compilation I just go for stuff I like. I try to mix it up though, new stuff, old stuff, classics, and dope rarities.


FM - Will there be a Horror Boobs Vol 3?

 Of course...


FM - And can we recommend a few of our favorites to be included in Vol 3?

Maybe we can collaborate and do Horror Boobs presents Forever Midnight's Forever Tit-night.


FM - What is the process you go through in putting together one of these tapes?

I do everything manually within a VCR/DVD-r burner that dubs both ways. I dub each copy in real time and package them myself lovingly... yes lovingly.


FM - What other projects do you work on?

We produced a feature-length documentary on tape collecting called Adjust Your Tracking which just came out on DVD and as a limited edition VHS Bigbox. The Horror Boobs Video label has released limited edition tapes, like the new all-guts no-glory zombie flick Survive by terror teens, director Liam Makrogiannis and SFX artist Johnny Dickie. We’ve published Blood Video, a VHS culture and cult cinema zine. We are currently hosting a monthly event called Video Vortex at the Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers where we screen VHS classics. To put it simply, we are always up to no good. Just follow our various social media things like Facebook and Twitter. 


FM - We didn't recognize all the scenes that were in Horror Boobs Vol 1-2. Can you give us a break down of what films all those scenes were from? In case someone wants to track down one of those films.



FM - What is your favorite horror film and why?

Blood Diner is my favorite movie of all time. It’s a totally absurd rehash of HGL's Blood Feast with more boobs, blood, and buffoons than you could imagine. Nude Aerobicizing cheerleaders, Nazi wrestlers, kung fu bimbos, virgin sacrifices, vegan cannibal feasting, dimwitted detectives, and two brothers who are trying to resurrect an ancient goddess under the guidance of a talking brain in a jar!?! All that and so much more!


FM - What’s your view on the VHS resurgence for horror films?

I love it! There are a ton of great companies releasing cool stuff right now. Check out Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine, Briarwood Entertainment, Massacre Video, King of the Witches, and Secret Lair for other great new VHS.


FM - Explain what it is about the VHS format that you love? 

It's the way I first saw every one of my favorite movies. Growing up, my favorite places to go were the video store and the comic book store, and lucky for me they were both literally around the corner from where I lived. This without a doubt has seemed to shape the direction of the rest of my life... and I hope it's a good thing.


FM - Well Thank you so much Matthew for some insight into the wonderful things you do! We look forward to more awesome releases from Horror Boobs in the future!  

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