Tuesday Knight to finally release her NOES 4 Song!

... But only if she gets enough backers. Let's do this!!! Since the very first time I saw Nightmare On Elm Street 4 as a kid I've been dying to get my hands on a physical copy of her song 'Nightmare' from the opening titles. Any Freddy fan knows the one I'm talking about. Now we might finally have the opportunity to own it on Vinyl an CD. It's a dream come true! (insert Freddy joke here)
 Not only that but multiple versions of the song. What more can a NOES fan ask for. So stop reading and head over to her Kickstarter page right now and back this thing. I have! And if you don't, then I wont receive my copy, and I'm not about to have that. Come on Fred Heads this is too cool to pass up. Grab your wallets and follow the link below.