Ep-23, our interview with Tom McLoughlin is here!

We recently had the pleasure to chat with the creator of one of our favorite horror films 'One Dark Night', writer/director Tom McLoughlin. But you may know him better as being the one who brought you Jason Voorhess back from the dead in 'Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6'. We talk about everything from his films, to his rejuvenated music career, and to where he will eventually be buried. So give it a listen! Available on iTunes and the Stitcher app, or just click the link right below.

Ep-23: Tom McLoughlin.

For more info on Tom's band 'The Sloths' and where to see them play check out their website www.thesloths.net

Also the book "A Strange Idea Of Entertainment" Conversations With Tom McLoughlin can be found right >> HERE << .