All Hallows' Eve!

Set to be released on DVD on Oct. 29 is the  debut feature of writer/director Damien Leone. The film titled All Hallows' Eve, starring Mike Giannelli as the infamous “Art the Clown” as seen is his amazing short film "terrifier".


Set up as an anthology horror tale that is unleashed upon an unsuspecting baby sitter named Sarah (Katie Maguire) as she discovers an old VHS cassette in the kid’s trick or treat bag and as the night goes on the creepy clown that ties all the stories together becomes more than just a character on a video tape. The film is being released by Ruthless Pictures and you can see a quick but horrifying trailer they released on their instagram feed @ruthlesspictures  

We here at Forever Midnight cant wait to see what Damien Leone will do with his creepy clown ART and a longer format! Should be pretty awesome! Check it out and look for it on DVD this Halloween!