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In this demon filled episode the FM3 take you on a journey into the 1990's with two gems from the land of Beanie Babies and Grunge music. First off, we talk about the 1995 Crypt Keeper-curated: "Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight"! We get into why Billy Zane’s synthetically crafted good looks make him the perfect villain, using J.C.’s blood as a demon door stop and how Jada Pinkett (Smith) does her own hair, motherfuckers! Next up, we talk about the 1991 sleeper hit, "The Boneyard" featuring Phyllis Diller, some weird dead demon kids and probably the most unsuspecting hero badass ever. So grab your rollerblades and hold onto your dicks - the FM3 are trading our Pogs for a couple of sweet 90's horror flicks!


Ep-43: Miss Poopinplatz If You're Nasty.

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