Offical Art The Clown Pin + Patch.

 The Official "Art The Clown" enamel pins and patches are here!! We are so stoked to work on this new pin and patch with Writer/Director/FX artist Damien Leone creator of "Art the Clown" and the films -Terrifier (the super scary short film that led to All Hallow's Eve and a full length Terrifier film coming soon) both featuring one of the scariest characters to come along in many years!! So grab one if you dare!

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For more on Art The Clown follow the Official Facebook page.

Below is a little trailer for the short film that got us hooked on this crazy clown. Get into it.

But be on the look out for the full length Terrifier feature film coming very soon. We will keep you posted with an official trailer and release date when it drops, as we are so very excited about about it. (as if you couldn't already tell)